Thyoid BC
Thyoid BC

Thyroid Thirty


It only takes thirty seconds to make a self check for Thyroid Cancer, make the time for your Thyroid Thirty!

Performing a self thyroid check


A 'neck check' is a simple procedure that can be done just about anywhere.

You will need:

1. A mirror

2. A glass of water 

3. A pen and notepad to document your findings

Step 1:

First, locate your thyroid gland, which is above your collarbone and below your larynx, or voice box. Don't confuse your thyroid with your Adam’s apple, which lies above the thyroid gland. 

Step 2:

Keeping your focus on this part of the neck, tip your head back, and then swallow a drink of water.  

Step 3:

Look at your neck in the mirror while you swallow, checking for any static or moving bumps.  

Step 4:

Write down any irregularities or findings from yourself check 

Step 5:

Make an appointment with your health care practitioner to discuss your findings.